TBI Design/Build Advantages

While we are happy to work collaboratively with your chosen architect, we are pleased to be one of the first remodeling firms in the area to also offer our clients the benefits of the Design/Build approach to remodeling.

Without Design/Build, you have to find and hire an architect to design the project and then find and hire a builder to construct it. This can often be a time consuming two-step process and if things go wrong you can find yourself uncomfortably in the middle between your architect and builder.

When you hire a company like Twitchell Building, Inc. that can provide Design/Build services, you benefit from an integrated set of all the services you will need for your project. From needs analysis to concept to construction to completion and beyond, for the entire project, design/build provides everything in one neat package.

For certain projects, there can be many advantages with the Design/Build process:

  • Ease and Simplicity – You only have to find, select and deal with one company.
  • Accountability – If something goes wrong, you won’t find yourself caught uncomfortably between your architect and builder, because we are both.
  • Improved Communications – When working with a Design/Build company, you don’t have to worry that the construction company doesn’t really know what you are looking for because most of your discussions have been with your architect. And you won’t have to go through the process of going over all of the information a second time. With Design/Build, the design process is more integrated with the construction staff and estimating. The architect gets feedback from construction about ways to fine tune the design to make it more feasible.
  • Enhanced Cost Certainty – Because builders generally know more about building costs than architects, you can expect most reputable Design/Builders to be able to design your project and work with you until you are satisfied with the design and budget — at no additional design cost. Additionally, with the Design/Build process, the architect gets more immediate feedback on construction costs so the design developed will be within your desired budget.

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