Twitchell On-Time, On-Budget Guarantee*

At Twitchell, we’ve listened carefully to our clients’ thoughts and concerns for over 35 years. So we know that one of your greatest concerns can be the idea of spending more than you anticipated or having your remodeling project take weeks or months longer than promised. To lay these worries to rest, we’ve developed our exclusive Twitchell On-Time, On-Budget Guarantee.

Unexpected price escalation can occur with other remodelers and builders who work on a time and materials basis, on a cost-plus basis, or on a fixed-price basis that relies on unrealistic allowances in the contract. With our Twitchell On-Time, On-Budget Guarantee, for projects $50,000 and above, we guarantee you will pay the price specified on your construction agreement. And since we know clients sometimes decide to make changes to the scope of work or change their mind on products, surfaces, etc. once the price has been agreed to and work has started, we will provide you with a written guaranteed price on those changes as well.

At Twitchell, it’s simple - what you agree to is what you pay. Enabling you to stay within your budget and avoid surprises.

We are proud of our on-time record, and we guarantee we will complete the work on your home to substantial completion on or before the date promised or we will pay you $200 per day for every day we are behind. With Twitchell, we guarantee you will be able to enjoy your home when you expect to.

*The information on this page is a brief and general overview of our Twitchell On-Time, On-Budget Guarantee. The specifics and details of the plan may change. The exact terms of the guarantee, as it is today, is part of our agreement and is available for your review upon request. This guarantee covers projects whose contracts are for projects $50,000 or higher.

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